İngilizce 8. Sınıf Evrensel İletişim Yayınları Çalışma Kitabı 155. Sayfa Cevapları

İngilizce 8. Sınıf Evrensel İletişim Yayınları Unit 9: Science Wokbook 155. Sayfa Cevapları

A. Scan the text and write name of the invention and the inventor in the box below.

The invention (İcat): The Onda Cycle    The inventor (Mucit) : Tyler Hadzicki

B. Read the text and underline the sentences describing The Onda Cycle.

Tyler Hadzicki decided to reinvent the bicycle when he was fourteen. He developed an idea to make it better. He designed two prototypes. In 2013, 17-yearold Tyler finalized his invention. He named it “The Onda Cycle”. “Onda” means wave in Spanish and the bike moves somewhat like a wave. The Onda Cycle is a combination of three wheels.
Rider is closer to the ground. The front wheel is like a regular bike, but the rear wheels are smaller. The Onda
also has a wheel lock. Tyler first presented his idea in his school’s science fair. He took two patents for his invention, and he decided to bring his bike to the market. The product had over 140 sponsors. In less than a month, he
raised $46,000. The Onda Cycle is safer than a regular bike because three wheels are more stable than two. This makes it harder to fall. Even you fall, the impact is very small because the biker is only 12 centimeters off the ground. You can also adjust The Onda Cycle for different rider heights. Tyler tested his bike for over a thousand hours on the road. As for speed, the bike reaches 35 kilometers per hour.

C. Read the text and check (✓) the sentences True or False. Correct the false ones.

1. Tyler Hadzicki invented The Onda Cycle when he was fourteen. True √
2. He brought his invention to the market before he presented it in a science fair. True √
3. He finalized his idea when he was fourteen. False √
4. The Onda Cycle is more stable than a regular bike. True √
5. The rider sits on it closer to the ground. True √
6. It has bigger wheels than a regular bike. False √
7. You can’t adjust it for different riders. False √

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