İngilizce 5. Sınıf MEB Yayınları Ders Kitabı 55. Sayfa Cevapları

İngilizce 5. Sınıf MEB Yayınları 2019-2020 Ders Kitabı Unit:3 Games and Hobies 55. Sayfa Cevapları

Project: Prepare a poster about a popular game in your country. Pay attention to the questions below. 

Football is popular game in our country. 
1. Is it an outdoor or indoor game? İt is outdoor game. 

2. How many people can play? Two or eleven people can play.

3. What are the rules of the game? 

4. Where can you play it? We can play football in the garden.

5. Why is it popular? Because, football is funny. 

Reflect on your English

I can understand texts about hobbies and games. Sometimes
I can ask and answer about abilities. Always
I can name games and hobbies. Sometimes
I can describe games and hobbies. Sometimes


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