İngilizce 8. Sınıf Evrensel İletişim Çalışma Kitabı 140. Sayfa Cevaplar

İngilizce 8. Sınıf Evrensel İletişim Unit 7: Tourism Workbook Çalışma Kitabı 140. Sayfa Cevaplar

Activity 1: Write the words on the lines to make meaningful phrases. Use your dictionary if needed.
buy (satın almak) , fly (uçmak),  go (X2) (gitmek),  stay (kalmak), take (çekmek, almak),  try (denemek) , visit (ziyaret etmek),  write (yazmak)
go a museum

go sightseeing

buy souvenirs
take photographs

try the local food

stay at a hotel

fly economy class 

go shopping

write postcards

B. Complete the conversation. Use the answers and the question words to help you.

Brian : So, where did you go for your last vacation?
Sandra : I went to Vancouver, Canada.
Brian : Really? How did you like it?
Sandra : It was wonderful! The scenery was fantastic, and the weather was great!
Brian : How long did you stay there?
Sandra : I stayed there for about two weeks.
Brian : What did you do there?
Sandra : Well, I joined the boat tours in the sea. I went to the mountains, and I tried lots of local dishes. I also took lots of photographs.

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