7.Sınıf İngilizce Lider Yayınları Çalışma Kitabı 6.Ünite 35. Sayfa Cevapları

7.Sınıf İngilizce Lider Yayınları Çalışma Kitabı workbook Unit 6: Parties 35. Sayfa Cevapları

3. It’s Tina’s birthday. Her parents are preparing a birthday party. What do they need for the birthday cake? Prepare a shopping list

Father: Mary, I am at the supermarket. What do we need for the birthday cake?

Mother: Well, let me look at the fridge! We don’t have any eggs. Buy 5 eggs. And some milk.

Father: OK. 5 eggs and some milk. What else?

Mother: Oh, there is no flour. Buy some flour. That’s all I think. Oh, wait… Buy some sugar. Father: OK. I’ll be at home in an hour.

shopping list

5 eggs




4. Read and answer the questions

Last year when Tina turned 9, her father and mother had a birthday party for her. They prepared a birthday cake. Thirteen of her closest friends joined in the party. Everyone wore birthday hats and costumes. The party cake was yellow and pink. There were special candles on the cake. At the end of the party, Tina asked her parents if she could have next year’s birthday at the zoo. Her parents agreed and everyone cheered.

a. How old is Tina today? Tina is ten years old today.

b. How many people came to Tina’s party?  Thirteen of her closest friends came to Tina’s party.

c. Where will be Tina’s 10th birthday party?  Tina’s 10th birthday party will be at the zoo next year. 

d. What is written with the candles? “Happy Birthday” is written with candles.

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