6.Sınıf İngilizce Evrensel İletişim Yayınları Çalışma Kitabı 117.Sayfa Cevapları

İngilizce 6.Sınıf Evrensel İletişim Yayınları Unit: 8 Detectives At Work Öğrenci Çalışma Kitabı 117.Sayfa Cevapları

Activity 1 : Look at the pictures, guess and answer the questions.

1. Who is the girl talking to?

She is talking to policeman. 

2. How does she feel?

She feels scared.

Activity 2: Read the telephone conversation and write the police officer’s questions
in the correct places.

a) Where are you at the moment?
b) Where is the person?
c) Are you alone at home?
d) What is your name?
e) What are you doing?
f) What is the person doing now?


Officer : Hello! Officer Nick is speaking.
Mary : Hello! I… I need your help. Somebody wants to break into our house.
Officer : Calm down and answer my questions, please.
Mary : OK.
Officer : First of all, (1) d. What is your name?
Mary : It’s Mary Wind.
Officer : And (2) c. Are you alone at home?
Mary : No. I’m with my little brother, Paul.
Officer : (3) a) Where are you at the moment?
Mary : In the living room.
Officer : (4) e) What are you doing?
Mary : We are doing homework.
Officer : (5) b) Where is the person? 
Mary : I think he is at the window. Oh, no! He is walking to the door. I can hear his foot steps.
Officer (6) f) What is the person doing now?
Mary : He is trying to open the door. Please, help us!
Officer : Keep calm and stay on line. The police will be there in a few minutes.
Mary : Oh, it’s Uncle Gary.

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